ABIA finalist with 99%+ rating - three consecutive years!


Broadcast on Community Radio 3WBC

I was the guest of radio presenter Iain Messer on his weekly program. His questions were well-crafted and enabled me to highlight my Celebrancy and family history writing activities. The music he chose was most appropriate.

Ceremony Videos

Within the formal setting of Lacey and Matt’s very happy wedding, we were able to design a humorous ceremony that was all about them and their love for one another.

On a hot summer afternoon, Naomi and Joe’s garden wedding was fun and informal, whilst enabling them include their own choice of cultural elements as they declared their love for each other.

Videos courtesy of Life In Motion.

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"Alan is a wonderfully warm, twinkle-in-the-eye celebrant who balances deep respect for the seriousness of marriage, with a great sense of fun and enjoyment in the couple's lives and stories. I know that if Alan's the celebrant, it's going to be a wonderful day every time!" Langdon Rodda, Life In Motion (Videographer)