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Future Heirlooms – Writing Your Family History

Have you tried to research the history of a relative and have found that the information you desperately need or would love to know just isn’t available? Do you want your descendants in 100 years’ time to have the same difficulties?

If so, a history of your life will be a source of information for future generations. Perhaps a memoir is something you’ve long thought of doing but don’t have the knowledge, skills or time to tackle.

Alan Jacobs can produce this future heirloom for you, with your co-operation. As a Professional Celebrant skilled in interviewing, writing and public speaking, he has been working with peoples’ life histories for many years.

He will give you a beautifully designed quality booklet and / or a PDF file as a memento for you and your family to give future generations access to your family information in the years to come. All that is required is your willingness and that of your family members and associates to give Alan the information and he will do the rest. The cost may be lower than you think, and your investment will be a thoughtful contribution to your family’s ongoing story.

Or why not offer it as a gift and maybe have Alan perform a ceremony as a special extra to present it to them?

Talk to Alan and get started on this special task.

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"Alan is a wonderfully warm, twinkle-in-the-eye celebrant who balances deep respect for the seriousness of marriage, with a great sense of fun and enjoyment in the couple's lives and stories. I know that if Alan's the celebrant, it's going to be a wonderful day every time!" Langdon Rodda, Life In Motion (Videographer)